More Australian adventures. The summer holidays of 2015-2016 were pretty special. I travelled through a lot of Queensland, visited Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide and drove along the Great Ocean Road. After all of this, in February 2016 I found myself down in Tasmania. 

Tasmania had been a lot of fun, I’d been up mountains, seen waterfalls and lakes, jumped down sand-dunes, been to prisons and seen wallabies and platypus, but my absolute favourite moment was the dive down at Eagle Hawk Neck. The dive was a lot colder than any other I’d been on in Australia, requiring me to wear a semi-dry, but boy was it worth it.

The first dive we went through the giant kelp forests. There is no way to explain how massive these kelp strands are without being there, they make you feel so tiny and it reminded me a lot of being in a church with columns or cloisters along the aisle. The atmosphere felt a lot like that too, it was very quiet and felt like any sudden noises or movements would disrupt the peace.

The second dive of the day was phenomenal. With a max depth of about eight meters, we jumped in near a fur seal colony and were treated to some acrobatics from some incredibly curious pups. This has got to have been one of my favourite animal encounters ever, such a magical moment.

Time to go diving again!

Giant Kelp

A Seal posing for me

They were so curious

And very playful

Such a good dive