Since moving to the Philippines and being in the water almost every day, I have gotten a lot better at free-diving, so I can actually take half decent underwater pictures without needing to SCUBA dive now! I still love SCUBA diving, don’t get me wrong, but now I have even more opportunities to get out and get some cool underwater pictures!

The weather is pretty much always glorious out here (so far at least), so one sunny day we went for a trip to a nearby island to go find some black-tip reef sharks – which are so much smaller than I remember them being!

It was a beautiful reef and a really fun afternoon, the reef was incredible, lots of fish and beautiful crystal clear water. I will definitely have to try and go back some time soon as I get better and better at free diving.

Such a gorgeous reef

Teeny Tiny black tip reef shark

Me being an idiot

Some closer shots of the reef