Taking a trip down memory lane here, but I figured I might as well start at the beginning. I am a marine biologist and I love diving, SCUBA and free-diving, although I have no formal training in the latter! I have been SCUBA diving since 2012 and I am an SSI Dive Master with over 75 dives and 24+hrs logged underwater. Education wise, I studied Zoology at the University of Exeter with a year in Australia and an MSc in Marine Environmental Management at the University of York. Currently I am volunteering as a marine biologist in the Philippines. 


For my 21st birthday, back in 2015, I was lucky enough to receive a camera with a dive case. When I was younger I loved watching nature documentaries and flicking through huge marine encyclopaedias. I was always in awe at some of the pictures that they’d managed to capture. Now it was my turn to give it a shot (pun unintended).

This section of my site is  dedicated purely to photography, showcasing some of the pictures that I am proudest of. Hopefully you will witness some improvement over time. If not, I obviously need more practice! Along side this I will also be starting an Instagram page (Ocean Adventures) where I will post my absolute favourite pictures.

Let the photography adventures begin!

Me in my happy place – under the water