Give me an excuse to go diving and I’ll usually be there faster than you can say SCUBA. A double day off sounded like a decent excuse to me so I made my way to Dauin, a beachside town in Negros Oriental, Philippines.

I did two dives, one on the sandy slope and one on the reef and they were both pretty incredible! It was my first time seeing seahorses and frog fish in the wild and there was so much life, it was lovely to see. Something that made it even better was the fact that it was just me and the dive guide, so we could go at our own pace and the sea-life didn’t seem too scared of us.

I will definitely be going back, it was such an incredible weekend!

Frog fish

Little crinoid zebra shrimp

Porcelain crab

Coral catfish

Turtle time

Not nemo