If you have read my other blogs, you will know that I spent 2015-2016 studying in Queensland, Australia. This provided me with a fantastic excuse to travel a lot of the rest of the country, and so in the December of 2015 I headed to Cairns to spend three days on a live-aboard dive boat on the Great Barrier Reef. The dive trip was fantastic, and an incredible way to break in my new camera.

I partnered up with a friend from Uni and off we went. As my first time SCUBA diving on a coral reef, it was pretty special. The coral was gorgeous, there were fish and turtles galore and we even saw a couple of rays and sharks. We were lucky enough to have fabulous weather and so we did 11 dives total. It was an amazing couple of days and I’d love to go back.

The Great Barrier Reef

Ready for my first dive on the Great Barrier Reef

Gian clam amongst the corals

Grumpy little anemone fish

Turtle Time

The GBR was spectacular

Last but not least: The cuttlefish!