A large proportion of my dives have been in Cornwall, UK, largely because this is where I lived for my undergraduate degree and so it is where I opted to do my dive training. Since a lot of these dives were for training, I could not take a camera.

I didn’t do a lot of ‘fun-dives’ in Cornwall, largely due to lack of time and poor weather. Even then, when I did go diving it was always 50:50 about whether the visibility was going to be good. When it was bad it was pretty bad (sometimes <1m), but when the vis cleared up, diving in Cornwall was glorious. 

At the end of my undergraduate degree in Falmouth we had a few months between the final submissions and graduation which we essentially used as a (much needed) holiday. I went snorkelling a few times and once my housemate had passed their open water we teamed up with another friend and dive master and went for a dive off of our local beach. It was a gorgeous dive and a great way to say goodbye to Cornwall.

Super pretty anemones just off the beach

Spider Crab

Compass Jellyfish