Hello Internet!
Well this morning was interesting, half the dorm got up early as their clocks were set to Sydney time so when the rest of Australia bar Queensland changed their clocks for daylight saving, their phones changed too! It left us all very confused until we worked out what had happened!
Since it was the last day on the tropical paradise that was Heron Island we went for a morning snorkel one last time where we saw reef sharks and rays and lots of small shoals of fish.
Finally we all gave our presentations to the rest of the field trip groups and got some feedback from the tutors which should help with the write up!
After that it was off to the beach for a few photos before bundling back onto the ferry and back to the mainland and reality!
The ride back was very bumpy and I felt a little queasy a few times but that was largely because we were sat inside with little air flow!
The bus ride back took a long time too, we arrived back at 1:30am and since we had to bring the tutors back with us there were no double seats to curl up and sleep on which was a shame! But it was nice to step off that bus into the cool night of Brisbane and sleep in my own bed!
I have to say, after the trip to Heron I feel at once relaxed and rested as well as extremely motivated to get involved and work in jobs that will take me to places like that doing research just like that! It was very inspiring!