Hello Internet!
Well the plan was to be up at five am for sunrise but in true student fashion I turned off the alarm, rolled over and went back to bed!
When I did get up it was straight on the dive boat and snorkelling on the reef once more! Eagle Rays were quite spectacular to see, as were the tawny nurse sharks which were sleeping under a ledge. We also saw tonnes of turtles, and I do mean tonnes. There were five sleeping on a rock alone. I dived down seeing one and as I got closer I just kept noticing more of them! I also noticed this huge fish which may have been a bump head parrot fish? I’m not too sure!
We then discussed our project a little before going to snorkel at shark bay where we saw sting rays and lemon sharks. All fairly big and amazingly close, they just didn’t seem to mind us at all!
As for the project today we collected our file clams and set up the water baths for them to acclimatise in. We then went to watch the sunset before holing ourselves up in the lab and working until the early hours to get all the clams recorded. What we were looking into was the oxygen consumption of file clams once acclimated to different water temperatures and seeing if the different temperatures had any effect on their metabolic rate. It was interesting but boy did it take a long time to go through all the samples in all the temperatures, but hopefully we’ll find something interesting!