Hello Internet!


Okay, so perhaps my title is a tad melodramatic, but it’s true! I’m nearly finished with my first semester here, that means I’m half way done with my year abroad studying! I am no where near ready to be half way done! Just no!

The weekend was at once disappointing and fantastic. Disappointing because I was due to go on a dive which then got cancelled due to a predicted storm. Fantastic because this meant I got to go the largest Oktoberfest in Australia, and it was great fun. There were free rides, live bands, beer and strudel! It was great fun! We danced, drank, went on rides and generally had a really great night! We must have gone on the bumper cars 3 or 4 times and then we went on the bouncy castle too which was hilarious! It was really nice just to hang out with the QUEST members and have a night off! We also briefly went to an after party, but I was so tired from working on all my assignments that I left about about 1:30 – which is still pretty respectable I think!

Exciting news though! My flights and Accomodation for Sydney are all booked! It’s actually happening! Emily, Lilia and I are off to Sydney on the 25th and then I’ll be heading off on my East Coast road trip! How exciting is that!?