Hello Internet!

So this week was the first week of classes, and this is going to be an odd semester, as I only have one module with Tom/Freddie/Emily/Lauren, whereas last semester I knew someone in each of my classes. However, this will probably be a good thing as it’ll mean that I’ll hopefully make friends with more people!

So the classes I’m doing this semester are second-year ecology and second-year anthropology of Aboriginal Australia. I’m a bit nervous about anthropology, as I’m not sure if I’ll be able to not-science, but I want to know more about this country I’m living in and it’ll be an interesting learning curve, so for now, I’m going for it. I am also doing two third-year courses: marine invertebrates and animal behaviour.

These two third-year courses sound intense, but, I’ll give it a go as these are the only modules that sounded vaguely interesting! It’s a shame, as the other modules either clashed, or have been moved to semester two for this year, so I can no longer do them (marine ecology, boo!). So, I’ll give it a go, and if I still don’t like the modules, I’ll switch! (Looking at you anthropology and ecology!)

I’m especially terrified by the idea of marine inverts, it sounds pretty hard and content heavy, and there’s an independent research project and an open book exam, neither of which I’ve done before! Oh, and there’ll be pop quizzes in class! It sounds like it’s going to be a lot of work, but hopefully it’ll be good fun/rewarding and it is the only marine module I’m able to do this semester, so I will not be dropping this module!

And I have to say! For this being the first term in the year, they don’t let you in gentley or anything! First week back and I have 11 different classes (3 labs, 8 lectures and a tutorial) including an 8am-1pm practical! There’s certainly a lot more contact in UQ than there is at Exeter, that’s for sure!