Hello Internet!

So this week has felt a little overwhelming, but I’m just keeping my head down and ploughing through the work as best I can. I’ve had the realisation today how soon all my big deadlines are and I feel no where near being even remotely ready!

I also booked my flights home, back to the UK, today. I DON’T WANT TO LEAVE! I am massively looking forwards to seeing everyone again, it’s been far too long, but if they could all come to Australia instead that would be great, thanks! I am so not ready for the countdown for me to be leaving to begin! The beginning of the end! But such is life, and I leave in just under 3 months! Where have the other 9 gone?!

One downer was the fact that I failed my anthropology exam! Yep, failed it! I’m pretty sure it’s the first thing I’ve ever properly failed, and I’m proud of myself that I didn’t break down or freak out – I must be growing up! Yes it’s annoying, but I’m not too upset. Firstly, it’s a small percentage of my overall grade anyway. Also, it was an exam where an error in the first part of the first question meant that I got all the following answers wrong. So had it been carried forwards I would have actually done quite well! So yes, I’m annoyed that I made a silly mistake that cost me the exam, but I’m glad that I do know how to answer the questions even though I couldn’t get credit for them.

On the fun side of things I went to the travel agents this week with Tom, as Tom, Freddie and I are hoping to go travelling at the end of term before we head off home. If we can, we’re thinking of going to Byron Bay and maybe the Red Centre for Uluru and Alice Springs.

Choralfest is also going great. I’m loving the chance to do something artsy and fun in amongst all the uni work. It’s a nice break that’s for sure! I think we’re starting to sound pretty good now and I cannot wait for our big performance in a few weeks time!

The small section of the choir that does a kind of 'solo' in one of the songs (I nabbed this picture from a friend!)

The small section of the choir that does a kind of ‘solo’ in one of the songs (I nabbed this picture from a friend!)

College has been really great this week actually. The girls that bake ‘Sunday Supper’ for us every fortnight tried to be really subtle and went to a different location, posting a picture on Facebook saying ‘Find Us’. Myself and a few others realised where they were, so slowly tried walking away before any others saw the post, but in the end it turned into a full out race for the food. Such a laugh. I also had a great chat with one of the girls at college while we were supposed to be revising. It was really nice to get to know her a bit  better and it turns out we have an awful lot in common!

And finally, I went diving this week! I took a day out of my busy schedule and went to Curtain Artificial Reef, near Moreton Island. It was so good to get away for a day and just get back to the sea. I’ve realised that being near the water really boosts my mood. Maybe Frances is right and I am part fish! The diving wasn’t that great as we missed the wrecks on the first dive and on the second dive the current was pretty strong, but it was lovely to get back in the water! And I did still see a lot of cool stuff! There were tonnes of fish, a wobbegong and the odd star-fish, so it wasn’t all bad! Even without the dive the sun was out and the sea was flat, so I had a lovely day. We even jumped off the boat for a little bit and had a swim around in the gorgeous summer sun!


Wobbegong in the wreck

Wobbegong in the wreck



Fish and a wreck

Me being a banana

Tropical Paradise much?