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Meme nabbed from the internet, but pretty accurate to how I felt

Meme nabbed from the internet, but pretty accurate to how I felt

This is it! I’m done with my first semester of my year abroad! That went pretty fast, I can tell you! My final exam, Biol3206 Australia’s Marine Vertebrates, was okay – pretty intense, but I think I at least passed! (Hopefully)

Overall I’ve really enjoyed studying out here so far. It’s pretty different from the UK system, there’s a lot more contact hours but less self led research and outside reading. This makes it easier I guess, as you just have to learn what they gave you, but then at the same time it’s nice being able to really focus on the bits that interest you most and knowing them inside out. There are also a lot more field-trips which is great! It’s meant that I’ve really been able to get a good look at this country I’m in for the next 7/8 months.

So far my favourite bits have probably been the trips to Heron Island and Fraser Island, Lamington National Park and probably going to Stradbroke.

As for exams they’re really oddly relaxed here. I always felt that the atmosphere back home was one of impending doom and sheer panic before you head into the hall, especially as you have to be quiet and find your seating allocation. Here you could talk up until you walked through the door and then you just got given a number as you walked in which was where you sat down. However that’s all over and done with and now I’m freeeeee!! On with the holidays!