Hello Internet!

The second half of mid semester was a lot more productive than the first half! Alice, Marie and myself got loads of our data collection done, meaning that we will have very little to do during term time which can only be a good thing! We managed to find a good few patches where the fiddler crabs tended to hand out, and there was a conveniently placed wall which we could sit on up and away from the mud!

I also curled up and watched a few more movies with people at college, and a few of us went to a Harry Potter trivia night at the college bar and we actually didn’t suck! We got 80% which is pretty good in my opinion! It was a fun night getting to know some more of the girls from college which is always good.

And that was that, mid semester break is over and done with! I went straight back into work, getting the proposal for our group project smashed out and handed in just before the deadline. It was a lot easier to do now we’d gathered some of the data as we now knew how to do it!

I also took part in the study abroad Expo, advertising Exeter to the UQ students. You never know, they might enjoy it as much as I’ve loved this year so far!

Since I’d gotten one deadline out of the way I took this week as an opportunity to catch up with some friends and family. I had a nice catch up with Catherine and Frances from home, who I hadn’t seen in ages, and I met up with my senior-resident from last semester for a coffee and a catch up, which was really lovely!

Last, but not least, I had my anthropology exam today. I think it went okay? I mean, it was a little tricky but I think I answered most of the questions right! They all carried on from one another which was a bit weird, but at least it’s out of the way. All I can do now is wait and see how I did!