So I’ve tried (and failed) at this whole ‘doing a blog’ thing several times now. Each time I’ve tried to be funny, or meaningful, or interesting to anyone aside from my parents and I’ve lasted a few posts at best before it sinks like the titanic and radio-silence kicks in. I do better with the photography blogs, but that’s because all you need is a title and a photo… not that I’m any good at photography. My approach is ‘oh look! Pretty!’ and I take the photo.

It's a blog! A real live blog! (Well, not alive...)

It’s a blog! A real live blog! (Well, not alive…)

But enough with the preamble. I’ve decided to start this blog now because for once in my life something exciting is happening! (Hopefully)

I am currently an undergrad bioscience student, studying in Cornwall (Never rains=soggiest place on earth) and I have just handed in my choices for a year studying abroad. The short story is that I am on a course where (If I haven’t failed my january exams – fingers crossed) I get to go to some country far far away and study basically whatever I want (within Bioscience, and with two weird ones as a minor) for a year and then come back to England and pick up my final year. Exciting right! So now all I have to do is hang tight and hope that I get on the course… Especially since I’ve started this blog now. That would be incredibly awkward. And just my luck! The deadline date is Sunday so I should hear soon…

So this blog is basically me giving up on trying to be clever or witty or meaningful – I’ just going to document what happens, have a laugh and see where this thing takes me. If I get to go on the study abroad this will probably become a document of my adventures, but until then you just get me babbling on at you about whatever takes my fancy!

Fear not though mighty internetters, it won’t just be me talking about how all I do is work-sleep-eat-sit in lecture-sleep-work-dissect something! I have done stuff in the past that is at least mildly interesting, so when the time comes that there is absolutely nothing to talk about, I will resort to regaling you with the stories of my adventures so far! (But that will only be the odd post here and there, don’t worry.) And my life isn’t just work, I do SCUBA diving too! So that might lead to some cool posts.

So since you already know quite a bit about me (where I go to Uni, that I’m a waffling nutter who is procrastinating as much as humanly possibly and that I am awaiting news as to whether I get to go on an adventure or not) I figured that I should sign off this post by actually letting you know who I am.

Moi. I nabbed a photo my Dad took. Cheers Dad!

I nabbed a photo my Dad took. Cheers Dad!

The nutshell:
My name is Harriet (which apparently means ‘Ruler of the home’), I’m 20 years old and I am in my second year of Zoology.

I absolutely love marine biology/ecology (that kinda of area) and if I get my dream job it would mean that I was off gallivanting about in some lovely warm ocean looking at sharks, cetaceans or nudibranchs (Those really colourful sea slugs, they’re oddly pretty. Check them out!).

A Traveltip map of where I’ve been – pretty nifty. There is a tiny dot on Singapore too!

A Traveltip map of where I’ve been – pretty nifty.
There is a tiny dot on Singapore too!

I adore travelling (not so much the long journeys, but the places are cool) and though I don’t class myself as being particularly well travelled I have been lucky enough to go to some pretty amazing places!

I love music – I always say that I’m not very good at it, but at grade 8 clarinet I should probably shut up… I guess I just mean that it doesn’t come easily to me. I suck at other instruments though! I can barely play piano and the guitar is still at the ‘well it makes a noise’ stage.

I also love swimming, a lot. But I don’t go that much anymore as the pool is so far away and the sea is just too cold. Not gonna happen.

And that’s about it! I’ll let you get on with your lives now. If you’ve stuck with me to the end, I congratulate you. I promise future posts won’t all be this long!

See you next time!
(What is this? A bad TV drama?)