Hello Internet!

So everything is finally coming together! We got the application forms through a few days ago for UQ and everything’s suddenly getting a lot more real! I’ve had to start organising health cover and stuff like that, and as a source of procrastination I’ve been looking at flights. It’s going to be such a long flight! I guess I’ll get a lot of reading done!

Another thing that has made everything seem real is the fact that I have now finished my last proper term at uni before I leave. Yes I have exams and a field trip next term, but that’s 11 days worth of uni so I don’t think that can really count as a term! I’ve handed in my last assignment and all that’s left is revision for these essays. I’m rubbish at essays but I just have to do what I can!


As a nice little break at the end of term (that last assignment was driving me nutty!) I went to go visit family in Plymouth. It was so nice to just get out of the uni bubble for a while and see different people. I do love it here, but sometimes it can feel a little repetitive, especially when you’re knuckling down on assignments. My aunt took me to the zoo for the day, which was amazing. I haven’t been to the zoo (aside from on a field trip) since starting my course and it was actually great fun to be able to walk round and know extra information that weren’t on the signs. I actually enjoyed it a lot more than when I was just a kid walking around going ‘I like animals so I like the zoo’. It was a great day even though it was raining and quite a few of the animals were hiding in their shelters.


Yesterday was the marathon journey home. A total of 5 and 3/4 hours on the train, 20 minutes on the tube and about an hour waiting for trains. The tube is never fun with a big bag, but it is nice to be home! I’m only back for two weeks then I have to head back off to uni-land for diving and revision, but it’ll be nice to see the rents (and be fed! I hate the washing up part of cooking!).

And that’s about it! Nothing else has happened really! Until next time!