Greetings Internet!

All silent on the Cornish front at the moment. All I have done this week is work, work and more work, with a bit of filling in some application forms for my year abroad. Application forms should be easy, right? I could answer about three of the twelve questions, so I became BFFs with the lady in the office over at the main campus as I asked her what the questions meant and what I should put. I bet she loved me! I don’t understand why forms are so stressful, they always freak me out, Maybe it’s just because I like to worry. I am a bit of a stress monkey at times…

My friend sent me a link to this and I thought it summarised my work ethic quite well at the moment. Once these assignments are done I'll be free!! (Ish. For a few weeks)

My friend sent me a link to this and I thought it summarised my
work ethic quite well at the moment. Once these assignments are
done I’ll be free!! (Ish. For a few weeks)

Anyways, since nothing has happened since the excitable melt down that was last tuesday (bar the fearsome form filling), I figured it was time to regale you with tales of my adventures pre-blog-me. This came rather early, week four and already out of things to talk about…

I could talk about Cyprus in the summer of 2014, but that would make this a very long post indeed, so I’ll save that for a rainy day when I have absolutely nothing to talk about aside from the colour of the walls and the weather on the other side of the window. Instead I shall talk to you about diving!

I first qualified as a PADI open water in May 2012, and then did no more diving until I came to uni and signed up to do some speciality courses… which I still haven’t finished. (I’m working on it mum, soon, I swear!) I currently have the drysuit, nitrox, search & recovery and the night & limited visibility qualifications, with the deep diving in progress and the stress and rescue pending.

'tis me!

’tis me!

I am currently up to 15 (I think) dives, having only done three out of tuition, but despite this I absolutely love it. I have to say that diving in the quarry when I first qualified was very odd, it was bizarre swimming around and having tadpoles swim past you!

When I cam to Uni I did my first sea dives, which were incredible. It comforted me that the sea was just as interesting when diving as it is when I am reading about it in books. I couldn’t believe the size of the starfish and the spier crabs, they’re insane. And, despite the sometimes murky waters and the abundance of brown, the UK waters are very cool – you see something awesome every dive be it a cuttlefish or a shipwreck or a shoal of really tiny fish. Diving in the Med was cool, I could go in without a dry suit which was amazing,
but I was shocked at how barren it was. It was a massive contrast to what I was used to seeing in Cornish waters and it made me realise how lucky we are. I have fallen in love with boat dives too, there’s jut something so fun about rolling off the boat into the water and then seeing something appear out of the dark as you descend.

Despite how much can go wrong and the long list of horrible ailments you learn about in theory sessions, I find diving really relaxing. I guess it’s probably because you can only concentrate on what you’re doing that you just forget about everything else. I would really recommend diving if that kind of thing takes your fancy, it’s great fun, it’s interesting and it’s exhilarating. It’s horribly cliche to say this but it’s like another world down there, and it’s beautiful. I can’t wait to go dive some more amazing places, take more photos and continue being fascinated. Here’s hoping that I can dive in my future jobs!