Hello Internet!

So I am now exactly halfway through my exams!

My local beach looking lush! (not my photo)

My local beach looking lush! (not my photo)

I have to say, during revision I did not actually feel that stressed. I don’t know if it’s because I felt more prepared (I didn’t feel as such consciously, but maybe internally I did so I didn’t stress), because I just wanted the summer to get here sooner, or because I’m more stressed out with organising my year abroad that exams paled in comparison (Should not have been the case but is totally true), but either way I did not feel that stressed about the exams.  However, once 24 hours to go hit I started my inevitable internal freak outs and despite day one (Tuesday) being a diabolical mess of an exam, day two was a lot better, so there is hope for me yet. It wasn’t that I didn’t know the subjects, I just didn’t know them as well as some other areas and I may have blanked on the references side of things…. I am now preparing for day three which is tomorrow and then my final exam is on Monday. Both of which I’m slightly terrified for but I hope will be okay!

Anyways, I sent off my application forms for accommodation at one of the colleges on Sunday and I can honestly say that I was super nervous. I was so scared to press that send button! But I got a reply nice and quickly and I am officially staying in international halls for my two semesters abroad. It should be great fun, it sounds like there’s an amazing community and I get to use the campus pool in the cost of that which rocks! I now just need to tell them that I want to accept the place and send them some money. It’s all coming together now!

Summer freedom is nearly within my grasp. I have 3 hours worth of exams left and about four days worth of diving (which will be awesome) and then I can soak up the sun and lounge on the beach with my friends and explore Cornwall a little more.

With that I shall go back to my revision and hopefully pass these exams!