Hello Internet!

Exams are over and done with! I think they went okay, I’ll have to wait and see for when the results come out! But now I’m free to start having fun and mucking around in the Cornish sun.

With my new found freedom, the day after my exams finished, I hopped on the bus and made my way to Newquay to get my dives done for my next specialism, navigation diving. Despite having next to no sense of direction, and the fact that every time I head up to Newquay the sea decides to get too rough for diving, I managed to get the qualifying dives done by taking a trip to the quarry which the dive centre uses. It was a little chilly so the dives weren’t too long, but I managed to navigate using the compass pretty well which I was really pleased with!

So navigation down and my Deep and Stress&Rescue to go, which are all booked in for about a weeks time. In two weeks hopefully I’ll have everything done!

Woo! Another specialism down!

Woo! Another specialism down!

Other than diving it’s been a lazy few days. Yesterday I went for a wander around town with the rest of my friends that have finished their exams and we looked for Garden Party dresses and had Tea/Cake in a lovely little coffee shop I’d never even noticed before. Aside from that it’s been lunches out, sorting out all the admin that took a back seat during exams and having a relax. I have to say, I suck at not having deadlines or things that have to get done, I’ve been floating round the house feeling a little confused over the fact that there’s nothing that urgently needs to be done.

It’s a little crazy that that is second year done and dusted. Aside from the field trip I am not having any more education from Exeter for a year and a bit! Two years down, two to go!