Hello Internet!

So in these 5 days where it’s been just me from the gang in Brisbane, I can’t really say that I’ve done all that much, I’ve pretty much just sorted out my photos, caught up with a lot of people from home and relaxed, because tomorrow we’re off to MELBOURNE!

I write this from Tom and Emily’s living room, with the two sofas pushed together to make a bed and my alarm is going if in a little over four and a half hours! This next adventure is Freddie, Thomas and myself and we’ll be going from Melbourne and then hiring a car to drive the Great Ocean Road to Adelaide! I can’t wait.

Today was Australia Day, which (I think) commemorates the day that the First Fleet arrived from England. Basically put, Southbank put on a bit of live music during the day, there were stands selling beer, pimms and other beverages and a lot of people had BBQs and drank a fair bit! We spent the day chilling on the grass, listening to the live music before watching the fireworks (yes, more fireworks) at Southbank. It was a really nice last day in Brisbane, as I won’t be back now for nearly a month … And then it’s the end of the holidays and time to study again! Melbourne, Great Ocean Road, Adelaide and Tasmania, I’m coming for you! Show me what you’ve got!

Me and my Australia Day hat

Me and my Australia Day hat

Happy Australia Day