Hello Internet!

I have to say, I feel very odd writing this, as the last few days have been so normal and what I’m used to from my life in Australia, that it almost feels like the last few weeks didn’t happen. Nothing in Brisbane has changed, there’s no trace of my parents having been here and it feels very, very odd that life is just so normal after such a fun few weeks!

The evening my parents left I met up with Emily and Tom at Zeus, a Greek street food bar which I’d discovered with my parents. After a lovely meal we walked over to the Barracks cinema on the other side of the river (getting a little off-route due to a miscommunication) but it all worked out and we met up with Lauren in time for the movie. We went to watch Joy, and I must admit, I went into it not expecting much or knowing much about the movie – not really expecting to enjoy it, but wanting to spend time with my friends… I actually really enjoyed it – probably more than the other two girls who were the ones actually wanted to see the film!

We pretty much just carried on the theme of having a fun summer break over these few days, Emily and I went for a lovely ferry ride up river and then went on a little walk on one of our free days, I did a little bit of shopping and the four of us (Tom, Emily and Lauren) also went to Wet’n’Wild for Lauren’s 21st birthday. I must admit, it was a lot of fun and a great thing to do in the middle of the Australian Summer! It was quite fun how scared we were though on some of the rides, namely the steep slides, when little kids were throwing themselves down the slides without a care in the world!

I’m also in a different house in a different part of Brisbane now, which is handy for trips to the CBD, but not so handy for easily being able to see people! Luckily people are off on their own trips for a while so I have a few days to sort out my life a little before the next adventure starts – the Great Ocean Road.

Wet’n’Wild was a good day!