Hello Internet!

So, first order of business, the house is lovely. I don’t see the other people I’m living with much, but then I guess I’m only really cooking and sleeping in the house!!! I have a room and a bathroom to myself, a fridge, a sofa, a balcony…it’s lush! Also loving that I get to cook again, I can decide what I want to eat, how I want to cook it and when!

It was quite a nice return as the evening I got back I got to go to Southbank and see the Christmas fireworks with Freddie and Tom who had just returned from New Zealand. It was a lovely chilled evening and the fireworks were incredible! It’s really lovely that the city does something on the lead up to Christmas, it makes it feel more Christmassy since the weather is warm and humid and the days are long. It really hasn’t sunk in that Christmas is in a few days! It also hasn’t sunk in that I won’t be seeing my family over Christmas either, for the first time ever. However my Exeter family will be with me, Tom, Emily and I are going to Mooloolaba for the Christmas period and we’re getting each other presents and will have a BBQ in the Australian summer heat.

South Bank’s Christmas Fireworks

Excitingly, the plans for travelling once my parents leave (they arrive just after new year) are coming together once more. Tom, Freddie and I are going to be hiring a car and driving from Melbourne to Adelaide, naturally going via the Great Ocean Road. It should be a really good trip, but it’s quite hard to organise since the three of us are travelling before hand, and so can’t just sit down and discuss plans.

Aside from Christmas shopping and planning more adventures, I also went to go see StarWars with Tom and Freddie. We were a little worried we’d be late as the ferry stopped in the middle of the river to allow the passengers to watch the Christmas fireworks, we had a schedule to keep! As soon as the ferry stopped we pegged it to the cinema and were just in time, but unfortunately we couldn’t get seats together which was  a bit of a shame. The film was awesome though, as was the nerd chat afterwards on the way back home!  It’s really nice that so many old franchises are coming back at the moment! Harry Potter, Star Wars… what else could a girl want? 

The flame trees were fairly gorgeous in Summer

Tom and I also went for a little explore of the area of coast just below Brisbane, and above the Gold Coast. We went to Wynnum and walked round to Manly and Lota, stopping off at the wading pool at Wynnum for an ice cream in 30 degree heat, just days before Christmas. So wrong! We then got the bus to Wellington Point where you could see Brisbane across the water and we got to see some wind-surfers, which was pretty cool. It was nice to actually go to a new bit of Brisbane and have a little bit of an explore!

Pelican and gulls at Wynnum

Wind surfers