Hello Internet!

So I have calculated that I have exactly 100 days of holiday before starting uni again which is pretty exciting! I don’t think I’ve had that long off in a very, very long time! It’s insane!

As you will know if you’ve read my previous posts, the adventure has already started with a trip to Sydney and a diving trip on the Great Barrier Reef. However in between there have been other goings on and so I figured it was time to catch up on all that.

Firstly my results. Our exam results came out at midnight the day before my dive trip, but no way was I jeopardising my diving trip, so I got an early night with plans to check in the morning if I had time. I woke up half an hour early (what? I was excited!) and so I decided I may as well see what grades I got! … What a mistake. The email in the morning said I’d failed a module. Not even just done badly, legit failed it. Cue freak out and nausea and total panic. I rang my parents up in floods of tears, which must have been lovely for them, but I was so scared! What did this mean for my visa? The Exeter grade conversions? My stay at UQ? But, it was 5am, there was nothing I could do right then so I took a deep breath, put it to the back of my mind and went about the dive trip.

Everything was fine (well, as fine as it could be) until the intermittent wifi actually connected and I got an email saying that I didn’t submit anything for the exam. This was a little less worrying as it wasn’t because I did something stupid or totally missed the point that I failed, but because either they lost the paper or I didn’t put my name on it. But I definitely took the exam so I emailed the admin office and went about my dives a little less stressed – still anxious, but less stressed. One dive later there is another email in my inbox, this time telling me that they can see I took the exam, sorry for the mistake and that they’ll let me know asap. Hallelujah! I (probably) didn’t fail! And true to form the next morning I received an email saying  that my grades had been updated and I have never been happier to see a 5 in my life. Yes it’s not a great grade, yes I probably should have done better but I am over the moon as it means I didn’t fail which probably would have destroyed me a little bit! (So sue me, I’m a perfectionist)

So overall I got 7,7,6,5 which is fairly decent. That’s an average GPA of 6.25 which I’m actually pretty happy with. Honestly, I don’t think I’ve felt such sudden dread in my whole entire life. I knew grades meant a lot to me but really? I think I need to take a chill pill or five!
Aside from that it’s been business as usual… ignoring the fact that I’m living it up on a dive boat on THE GREAT BARRIER REEF!!!