Hello internet!

I should probably be going to sleep as I have to wake up in 5.5hrs, but tomorrow I leave for Sydney! I can’t believe it’s finally here! I’m currently feeling a very bizarre mix of fear, excitement, nerves and anticipation – I am looking forwards to it, but as someone that likes knowing the plan, not having things mapped out before I leave is a teeny tiny bit stressful. It’ll be a learning curve that’s for sure! That and I’ve never been on a travelling holiday before really. Beaches in Cornwall/Greece, yes. School trips, yes. Volunteering trips, again yes. But travelling and exploring an entirely new place without someone who knows what they’re doing? Scary and very exciting!

Today I moved out of IH and carted all my stuff across to Emily&Toms house, which was a mission and a half let me tell you! But, I managed and handed in my keys with sadness, but I’m super glad to be returning next semester! I’m also really grateful to Tom for storing my stuff all summer! Not entirely sure what I would have done otherwise! Once everything was packed up I went to South Bank with Freddie to see the croquet festival, but it was shut, and so were the markets. Basically we didn’t plan it very well! And here I am, packed and ready to roll with my stuff in semi-permanent storage until the new semester starts. How weird is that.

Since we are all free now the last few days have been a lot of catching up and trying to do things all together before we travel and before Lilia goes home. So on the last day of term we all got together for a lovely meal at South Bank and then chatted for ages! I also had the IH leaving do, or ‘break-up’ where we said goodbye to the people leaving the college/country after this semester. And there were a lot of them! It was really sad to say goodbye to everyone, but at the same time I know that there will be a load more people to meet next semester which should be good fun!

And then it was me and about ten other people left at IH whilst I packed and checked all the plans for the next few weeks. And that’s that. Last blog post in Brisbane for a while, let the Adventure begin!