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I know that this is out of my usual weekly schedule, but I figured that I couldn’t let 100 days in Australia go by without some kind of commemoration!

So, in honour of 100 days in Australia I figured I’d put up my top 10 photos/events.

10. The first week in Brisbane as a whole was great. I really got to know Tom and Emily, we went to Lone Pine, we did the QUEST Brisbane Challenge (and technically won), it was a great introduction to what is shaping up to be an excellent year!


9. Nerdily enough I’m going to put my first Australian lecture at number 9, I think that was when it properly sunk in that I was here to stay and that this was where I’d be learning for the next year of my life!

8. Stradbroke Island was stunning, the place was gorgeous, the sun set was mind blowing and seeing all those crabs was like something from out of a documentary! And also I got to see my first Nudibranch which was something pretty special!


7. Freddie’s 21st Birthday. Now, going out is all well and good, but sometimes just having a house party is so much fun, and Freddie and Karolina’s birthday party was just fantastic. Great people, great fun and much hilarity! It was great to spend a night with some of my favourite people!

Thanks for the photo Emily!

Thanks for the photo Emily!

6. The view over the rainforest at Lamington National Park was just stunning. Coming to that break in the trees and just seeing the rainforest go was stunning. I do love this country


5. Walking onto campus for the first time and seeing the cloisters and the Great Court kind of took my breath away. The campus is so gorgeous and grand in comparison to Penryn that I was a little awed.


4. Diving Stradbroke Island – doing my first proper weekend of diving in Australia and also my first proper weekend of diving just for fun was a fantastic experience. Seeing the whales and dolphins as we drove out was also pretty special, let alone all the cool stuff we saw on the dive!


3. Arriving at IH, daunting, exhausting and I arrived in the middle of the night, but arriving at IH and taking my first steps into life in Australia and life in college was something I will never forget. Waking the SR up at 4am, being shown my room, realising that this was to be my home for the next year… it was a big moment for me.

2. Watching the sunset on the beach with the gang on Fraser Island was a highlight, as was a lot of Fraser Island! Sitting in the trucks belting it along the beach, swimming in crystal blue or deep green lakes, the entire trip was fantastic!


1. Snorkelling with reef sharks and eagle rays on Heron Island, Great Barrier Reef has to be a highlight. The first time I jumped in I swear I nearly teared up. Seeing the coral for the first time, snorkelling with a turtle (MY FIRST IN WATER TURTLE!), watching the rays vanish into the blue, watching the sunset from in the water… it was a magical experience and I am so, so happy and grateful that I got the opportunity to go!


So there we go, 100 days down, around 250 left! Let the adventure continue!